I LOVE that I can get outside and train regularly now.  Except it is horribly hot!  But, we have almost all the equipment out so we can do quick training sessions when we have time.

Here’s the front yard set up for Utility training.  Luckily, it’s exactly the right size for a Utility ring.  Our neighbors are very curious about exactly what we’re doing out there, but lots of times they stop to watch, which makes for good natural distractions.

And here’s the back yard set up for agility training.  We’d love to have more space but it works for 6-7 obstacle sequences and for short drills.

We just got a new set of 2 x 2 weaves so we can work on those in the yard.  I love that you can set up to work on the specific place you are having issues.  Judy was working Quest on his on-side entries and could angle the first set.  Zen was having 10th pole pop-out so I angled the last set.  Easy way to work things out!  We did some “entries at speed” drills with a set of two, then a set of four, then six.  Jump, weave, tunnel, weave, tire, weave, table.  By the end of the day yesterday we had the entire set of 12 together and both dogs were driving into and through with great intensity and speed.