At the moment Treat reminds me of a teenage boy.  He stays out all night, comes in the house and crashes out.  Wakes up, stretches, eats, and then heads out again.  Every once in a while he initiates a short petting/bonding session with me, then he’s off.  It seems the outside world is much more interesting than the inside one.

I have tried hard to make him an indoor cat but he has become quite skilled at finding ways to sneak out.  I’ve finally given up and accepted that he is going out and coming in when he wants.  That means I’ve also accepted that he may encounter dangers I can’t protect him from.   Our next door neighbor’s yard is like a mini-forest, so there is much to keep him occupied.

He’s caught and killed birds and chipmunks, and last night he tried to bring a live baby mouse into the house when I brought the dogs in after their last potty break for the night.  Luckily I saw the tail hanging out of his mouth.  He dropped it and the baby raced around the patio.  I distracted Treat long enough to let him get away, but Treat wasn’t even pursuing him with much conviction.

Luckily we’ve convinced Trick that heading towards the doors is a very bad thing that leads to getting a face full of water from the squirt bottle.  He is much easier to keep in than Treat.  That’s good because his long coat would end up a tangled mess.  Trick seems to enjoy the creature comforts that the inside world offers and not be too concerned with what he might be missing outside.