I suppose that lots of people start blogs with good intentions and then get sidetracked as I have.  But I’m going to make an honest effort to keep up with this a bit more, at least for the summer.

First thing… if you got here from the DogRead group you can go to our website at http://www.k9infocus.com for more information on us and our training methods.  We are VERY excited about the puppy book and about being the August featured authors!

Second, a kitty update…  They are no longer kittens, they are CATS.  We are still training them and they are doing quite well.  I’ll post more details, photos and video soon.  You can see the videos on our YouTube channel (k9infocus).

Finally, I intend to add a bit more of my thoughts and ideas on competition obedience.  This is a very controversial topic in many ways and I want to think out loud about some of the important issues here.

More soon…..