We were out in the front yard playing ball with Zen yesterday and Trick was out hanging around with us.  Apparently, his tree climbing gene has kicked in.  He tried the big tree in the front yard and only got up about a foot.  Without front claws this is clearly never going to work.  Then he tried it again with a running start!  He got a little higher, but not much.  Then he went to a tree next to the neighbor’s driveway and tried again.  Still no luck.  Next, he came across the yard to a tree by our driveway and gave it quite a running start.  He actually got up maybe 2 feet with his momentum, but couldn’t hold on.  I don’t know how long it will take him to figure out it’s not possible, but he’s giving it a very, very good try!  I thought it was cute that he tried 3 different trees, apparently thinking the tree itself was the problem.