I think that having success with manning down the kitties has also had a benefit in handling them as well.  Again, Trick has always been better with this naturally.  He is going to have long hair, so will need to be brushed regularly too.  But, he’s doing well with that. 

I had a breakthrough with Treat last night.  He has always let me stroke him lightly on the head and neck, but last night he was letting me stroke him all over in a very very firm way and he seemed to really like it.  I am thinking that he has become comfortable enough with me to let me do that now.  He let me brush him as well.

Both kitties have the shiniest coats!  I never paid much attention to cat coats before, but these guys almost glow.  We are feeding Wellness canned food 2 times a day and Wellness Core dry in between.  It seems to really agree with them. 

Judy bought new lighter harnesses and they tolerate them a little better.  Neither likes them but they’re OK.  We need to work on that more and get leashes on as well.  I want to get them out for some socialization quickly before too much more time goes by.

Amy is coming by today and she will meet them and get to know their routine so she can take care of them next weekend.  We’ll be gone from Friday afternoon until Saturday night so she’ll need to feed them, clean the box, and get them back in their room at night and when she leaves.  I hope they don’t make it too difficult for her!  I bet if she has chicken things will go OK. 

Living the good life!

Living the good life!

I keep telling these kitties how lucky they are.  There are millions of unwanted cats out there and more born every minute.  These guys are living a VERY good life!