I was so focused on the idea that wet food had to be a better reinforcer than dry that I wasn’t paying attention to what Treat was telling me.  He truly prefers his dry food.  So now he has to come to me and I will let him eat out of a Tupperware container, or feed him some dry pieces by hand.  I guess that goes to show that you should let your subject tell you what is reinforcing, not assume you know!

It’s actually a little scary how hard and fast he goes into the bowl for the dry food.  He isn’t aggressive, but flattens his ears back and grabs mouthfuls.  I think that my taking the bowl away and putting on the lid makes him a bit more motivated to get in what he can when he can.

I also decided to break down targeting even smaller.  I REALLY like the clik stik (with clicker on the handle).  Instead of holding it still and waiting for a nose touch I am moving it and clicking for his eyes following the movement.  That seems much more compelling and he is already taking a step or two towards it.  I think I need to get a good targeting behavior before I move on to other skills. 

Anybody out there have suggestions for cat harnesses that are light?  Treat HATES his.  I looked at the one from Premier (Come With Me Kitty) and may try that.

Quest checking out the kitties

Quest checking out the kitties

In the above photo the kitties were lying in their favorite spot.  Trick was cleaning Treat’s head and Quest was observing.