Trick continues to do very well in his training with Judy.  His shaping, in particular, is coming along great.  He shapes like a very motivated puppy.

Treat, on the other hand, not so good.  He doesn’t seem to get the concept of shaping at all, and he just wanders away in the middle of training.  This morning I decided he needs to be hungrier in order to make any progress.  He worked for about 1/2 of his wet food at breakfast, then just stopped.  So I let Trick work for the rest and ignored Treat. 

Judy started training the dogs an hour or so later and Treat came running.  He jumped up on the stool she’d been working the dogs doing sit up work on, so I reinforced him with small pieces of Pounce treats, which he really liked.  Then I used his dry food and just sat on the sofa with the bowl.  He came up purring, rubbing on me, and generally trying hard to get my attention.  Now he’s in the right frame of mind to work!  Typically, I would let him free feed on some dry food during the day, and will still do that when I’m not home, but I think he’s going to have to work for ALL his food when I’m home.  I hand fed him a bit and he is being much more careful of my fingers than he was before.  But mostly I just offer him the opportunity to have a bite or two from the bowl then take it away.

I also think I’m going to focus more on targeting right now, which is easier for him, and come back to shaping later.