Trick is definitely better at shaping than Treat.  He clearly understands that you need to do something with the object in front of you in order to get the food.  Here are a couple videos, one with the Alley Oop and another with an alligator piano. 

Treat needs much smaller increments for reinforcement.  He loses focus easily and then looks for something else to do.  So, I needed to make things MUCH easier for him.  This morning I went back to just reinforcing freely offered focus. 

It’s interesting to see how differently they are progressing.

The other thing we have been doing is conditioning them to get used to their harnesses.  Again, Trick is doing somewhat better.  Here’s a photo of them in their harnesses playing with their mouse racetrack to keep them occupied and help them forget.  Treat slinks around then stumbles sideways like the harnesses is just too heavy and awkward.  He’s quite dramatic about it!  He looks like a little drunken pirate!

Wearing harnesses & playing with their mouse racetrack!

Wearing harnesses & playing with their mouse racetrack!